Nutrient Contents Claims and NPSC bundled course

Take your labelling to the next level and understand what is required to make Nutrient Content Claims and how to determine The Nutrient Profile Score


The Nutrient and Health Claims Bundled Course

Includes Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria , Nutrient Content Claims and Health Claims Modules


Health Claims

Health claims about food products have very specific requirements. The food or a serving of the food must meet certain compositional and labelling requirements. This module includes the requirements for general level and high level health claims.


NPSC - Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria

If you want to make a permitted health claim about your food product or use some nutrient content claims, then your food must meet the Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria. Understand when different points are used ie V Points, F Points, P Points


Nutrient Content Claims

There are specific requirements that a food must comply with when making nutrient content claims. This course explains the requirements and provides you with tools to work through what is needed to make a claim.


Beverage Container Deposit Schemes Labelling

This course gives the details for labelling for beverage containers that are subject to the relevant legislation of those States and Territories that require a refund statement included on various beverage containers