Beverage Container Deposit Schemes Labelling

Food labelling made simple - Beverage Containers

Different States and Territories have introduced Beverage Container Deposit Schemes at over the years.  South Australia was the first State to introduce this over 40 years ago.  This course gives the details to help sort out what you need to do for each State and Territory that has such a scheme so that you are able to sell your beverage in each particular State and Territory.

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Robyn Banks
Robyn Banks
Technical Manager

About the instructor

Robyn has over 20 years of experience in food labelling creation and regulatory management.  Her experience extends to working with some of the world's premier brands and also with small to medium businesses.  Robyn was selected for a specialist secondment to the National Food Authority (the precursor to the present Food Standards Australia and New Zealand).

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Beverage container deposit labelling made simple.  $121 including GST.  ABN 45655646988

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