This course gives you the information to identify what is needed for a nutrient content claim for your food products.  Nutrient content claims require some specific conditions for foods that carry those claims.  Some claims require a Nutrient Profile Score in order to carry a claim.  This course incorporates the 2 modules necessary to help you determine the appropriate nutrient claims.  Remember - using these sorts of claims in your advertising or on your website means that your food label must carry the necessary information for the relevant claim.  Take your labelling to the next level.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Nutrient Profile Score

    • Nutrient Profile Score

    • Presentation Slides - Nutrient Profiling Scoring

    • Course Tool Nutrient Profiling Scoring

  • 2

    Nutrient Content Claims

    • Nutrient Content Claims

    • Presentation Slides - Nutrient Content Claims

    • Course tool - Nutrient Claims Part 1

    • Course tool - Nutrient Claims - Part 2 - Vitamins and Minerals

    • Course tool - Nutrient Claims - Part 3 - Permitted Vitamins and Minerals

    • Cheat sheet for Nutrient Content Claims - what to look for

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