NPSC - Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria

If you want to make a permitted health claim about your food product or use some nutrient content claims, for example, a glycaemic index claim, then your food must meet the Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criteria.

This training module gives you the information that you need to progress to working out those health claims that you want for your products.

What category does your food fit into?  What are V Points and P Points and F Points?  What does it then mean for your labelling when using these particular points in your final score calculation - and can you use them in all products?

Where is all of this information in the Food Standards Code - bits of information are in multiple areas of the Food Standards Code.  This course pulls it all together for you.

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Robyn Banks
Robyn Banks
Technical Manager

About the instructor

Robyn has over 20 years of experience in food labelling creation and regulatory management.  Her experience extends to working with some of the world's premier brands and also with small to medium businesses.  Robyn was selected for a specialist secondment to the National Food Authority (the precursor to the present Food Standards Australia and New Zealand).

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2 PDFs

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